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About Us

About Crescendo 

Crescendo is a music store that offers versatile musical instruments ranging from the most basic to high-end models. The instruments carried by Crescendo are superior quality brands resulting from a tradition of excellence and with it, the meticulous care and collaborative efforts of authentic instrument makers abroad. 

Crescendo's instrument brands come from the most reputable principals abroad, known for musical instrument design and technology that are above par. 

Distributor of: 

  • Casio Keyboards & Digital Pianos
  • Gibson USA
  • Epiphone

Currently having seven (7) outlets in Metro Manila and provincial areas, Crescendo Audio and Music Store carries a range of Keyboards and Digital Pianos, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drum Sets, Amplifiers & Speakers, Microphones and other accessories.

About Beawmont Distributions, Inc

Beawmont Distributions, Inc. is the sole operator of this Website.

Address : LG/F Crescendo SM North Edsa 

Mobile Number: 0995-485-5352

Email Address:

Business Days : Mondays to Fridays, 9am - 4pm

Beawmont Distributions, Inc. is a Philippine-based specialty retailer whose mission is to bring superior and high-quality brands to the local market. Its extensive portfolio includes established international brands such as G-Shock, Casio, Gibson and Cole Haan, and is the leading and trusted distributor of timepiece, electronic musical instruments, and lifestyle products. With over 20 years in the industry, its retail structure and expertise allow the company to launch sought-after brands into the market and acquire strategic retail locations, key trade partners and highly skilled personnel. In 2019, its network consists of over 100 retail and concession stores.